David & Helen A. Bothell, WA
My wife had always wanted us to learn to dance. So, being empty nesters, we have time to learn to dance. We noticed a dance studio close to home, American Ballroom Dance Institute, and signed up for lessons. Andrea helped us to decide on what dance would suit our needs. Through Andrea’s knowledge, talent, and patience we were on our way. We continue to be encouraged to learn new steps a little at a time. Andrea’s enthusiasm keeps us coming back.

Doug H. Bothell, WA

I have wanted to dance for my entire adult life, but never had the nerve to try. I had noticed the sign for the dance studio and over Christmas I stopped by to get their phone number. I took advantage of the introductory offer. Andrea made me feel comfortable with the first lessons so I signed up for more private sessions. She really helped me become more confident. Andrea is very patient, up-beat, and knowledgeable. She is an excellent teacher and motivator. I really look forward to Wednesday and Friday evenings for group classes. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people and dance with an array of different dancers. In just six weeks I have been able to dance to a level I really didn’t know I could achieve.

Britt B. Bothell, WA

My husband and I found this place by driving by it one day while going to a restaurant that shares the same parking lot. We could see that people were ballroom dancing inside. Captivated, we just kept watching from a distance and said to each other, “We should do that sometime….”

Fast forward a year.

We got engaged. My husband was the one who brought it up. “We should have our first dance choreographed and do something special.” Me: “What about that place we saw?”

So, the next day I emailed American Ballroom Dance Institute after finding their site on the web. I sent something along the lines of, “Please help our first dance be wonderful”. I immediately got a reply from Andrea, the owner. She asked us all kinds of questions. “Have you ever taken dance lessons?”, “What level would you consider yourselves?”. “What song have you chosen and what version?”.. From the get-go, we knew we picked the right girl to help us.

As such, our dance lesson journey began. Andrea is passionate about what she does and she’s damn good at it. She took us and molded us into a couple who others would suspect had been dancing for a lot longer than we had been. All in all, we ended up with 20 lessons total, and by the last week or two, we had perfected our routine. We even brought my husband’s mother in for a few lessons at the end because we were all polished up.

I can’t say enough about Andrea and her studio. She made both of us strive to be the best we could be. She choreographed a dance for us that our guests are still talking about 3 months later. After our last lesson, it was almost sad for me because I didn’t want it to be “the end”.

So, I decided to keep going to the studio. This time, I am a Zumba student on Mondays and Thursday. It’s different than dance lessons, but it still kicks my butt. I’m a runner by history, but one hour of this Zumba aka “Ballroom Boot Camp” class makes me sweat more than a 4 mile run by far.

Prices are very reasonable, especially in comparison to other studios, but what really makes this place is the individual attention you receive and the fact that you can tell from the beginning that no matter why you are here, you are encouraged to do your best and succeed.

Please support this studio. I can’t say enough great things about it, and I know anyone stopping by will feel the same way. I can honestly say that American Ballroom Dance Institute has changed my life.

Do it.